A yacht for luxury lovers

For people the vacation is something magnificent that allows people to relax away from the problems of their daily lives and enjoy what a site can offer, one of the most visited places by thousands of people around the world is the area of Ibiza.

This is mainly due to the culture and the great tourist sites however many people enjoy the coasts of Ibiza but outside its beaches many people enjoy partying on the open sea, that is why many people rent a yacht with Barracuda Ibiza.

The Astondoa 95 SLX is one of the best luxury yachts on the market which puts it in a unique space of the great range of boats that can be rented in Ibiza, those who want to use a luxury yacht for a big party can enjoy the comforts of this yacht.

An elegant and powerful boat

For those who like a luxury boat, Astondoa 95 SLX is one of the most elegant pieces you can find in Ibiza with the following characteristics:

Length: 28.95m

Beam: 6.75m

Year: 2001

Engines: 3 x 1300 HP

Cruising speed: 22 knots

Maximum speed: 43 knots

Cabins: 4 with own bathrooms

For those looking to enjoy a great experience this ship comes equipped with everything necessary for an incredible night out, with an elegant interior in polished wood this yacht allows those partying at night to celebrate and rest at sea.

Stay in this boat is usually something very cozy because the furniture of this is thought in the comfort of the occupant, along with it this yacht comes equipped with a bathing platform, GPS and VHF system, a dinghy and autopilot.

The greatest luxury at a fair cost

Anchored in the port of Ibiza this luxury yacht is one of the greatest experiences that people can ask for, however this type of yacht is not for everyone because it has a very high cost, a cost that has made it a very exclusive model.

For low season to rent this yacht costs 46,100 euros which puts it out of reach of many people, 52.600€ is the cost of renting in mid season for the high season to have a cost of 59.000€ in high season per day which leaves this beauty in the hands of the elite.

With space for 12 people during day and 8 at night, Astondoa 95 SLX is a work of art at the maritime level.

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