Enjoying paragliding

Although paragliding is considered to be an extreme sport, there is no more relaxing feeling than being above the world, in freedom, enjoying nature at its best.

Let’s not forget that any outdoor activity is good for your health and that contacts you with the environment and greatly improves your physical and mental well-being.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of paragliding, don’t leave and find out about one of the best places in the world for paragliding.

The benefits of paragliding

The thought of flying high above the ground can be a little scary, and it’s this fear that gives your body the adrenaline it needs to stay safe and healthy. But once you are above the clouds and feel the wind in your face and the calming silence, you have nothing to worry about.

Benefits of practicing paragliding.

Reduced stress.

That feeling of freedom is outstanding when you are over the ground. The stresses of everyday life are reduced to a minimum. Take your mind off all your thoughts as you see the world from a new perspective.

Adrenaline rush 

Yes, paragliding is the best way to relax, but when you take off you get an adrenaline rush that heightens all your senses and makes you feel more energized than ever.

You build self-confidence.

Free flying is an activity that requires confidence. Knowing what you are capable of while you push your limits is an indescribable feeling. When you cross that line, you feel invincible and tell everyone “I did it”.

The feeling of freedom 

At some point, we all have felt stuck in life or work. But when you fly, your mind and body are separated from that overwhelming world, giving you a feeling of freedom which is good for our mental health.

Practice the best paragliding in Tenerife

If you are travelling to one of the most visited Canary Islands, you cannot miss the opportunity to practice paragliding with Tenerife Paragliding. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose this choice of routes.

90 euros from Taucho.

The 800m flight lasts 25 minutes, from where you can enjoy the views of Adeje and the south of Tenerife.

From Ifonche €115.

Fly to over 1000m and over some of the most beautiful parts of the island in 25 minutes.

135 Euros from Ifonche Perfo.

In 40 minutes you will fly over part of the island at an altitude of 1,100 metres.

From Teide, €170.

Take off from one of the highest points at 2,200 metres above sea level; 40 minutes over the Teide National Park.

Now that you know the benefits of paragliding, don’t wait any longer to book your paragliding tickets in Tenerife. You can also call (+34) 652594544 or follow them on their social media Instagram and Facebook.

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